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SARDINIA - the most magnificent of Italian islands, is also one of the largest in the Mediterranean, second only to Sicily. It has more than 1800 km of coastline with over 300 beaches of fine golden sand and countless rocky inlets, some of which are accessible only from the sea. It is an island which harmonises and balances the senses of colour, fragrance and flavour with nature, history and tradition. The azure-blue Mediterranean, speckled with pink from the flocking flamingoes, the intense colours of peony and spring flowers, the warmth of the sun's golden rays, the soft white sandy beaches, the verdant expanses of rich vegetation and the silver sheen of the magnificent rock faces all conspire to create a magnificent rainbow of colours. The maquis, myrtle, cork oaks, juniper and oleander trees all make their individual and distinctive contributions to a wonderfully aromatic atmosphere.

Our sea is an ancient myth: it tells of the wanderings of Ulysses, the enterprising Phoenician traders, the Roman triremes, the agile ships of the Barbary pirates, the ambitious Napoleon, the young artillery captain who failed to conquer the archipelago of La Maddalena and defeat the imposing fleet of Admiral Lord Nelson on the way to Trafalgar. But it is also a young sea, constantly being regenerated: favourable currents and winds constantly purify it, giving it the incredible hue of an emerald. After thousands of years battling with the mainland this young sea has turned out to be the winner, unmistakably modelling the coast: beaches strewn with granite sand finely ground by time alternate with ragged cliffs with fantastic shapes that inspired the English sculptor Henry Moore. Along the 80 kilometres of wildly beautiful shore in the territory of Arzachena there are many well sheltered lonely little coves, each with characteristics of its own. Though we cannot list them all we must mention the splendid sandy beaches of the Piccolo and Grande Pevero to the south-east of Porto Cervo, the famous bays of Capriccioli and, facing them, in the bay of Cala di Volpe, the long stretch of Liscia Rujas, Going back up the coast, to the north-west of Porto Cervo, we come to the clear sea of Baja Sardinia and, continuing along the other side of the Gulf of Arzachena, Mannena, Barca Bruciata - an incomparable natural swimming pool - and finally the Golfo delle Saline. Sardinia is an ideal site for congresses, thanks to its excellent connections via sea and air, its modern, efficient facilities, and capable operators in the sector, as well as its marvelous weather all year round and the traditional warmth and hospitality of its people. All these qualities make Sardinia an enjoyable destination for both the "classic" tourist and congress participant. Plus, its exceptional natural environment and important historical-artistic patrimony let travelers mix business with pleasure.

The considerable increase of the congress sector in Sardinia is due to the quality of its accommodation facilities (which are at the top of European standards) and the expansion of all affiliated services that vaunt excellent professional and entrepreneurial capabilities. Moreover, these facilities are located in the most important cities and intelligently distributed along the four coastal regions.

Modern and efficient, they can handle any type of congress and leave the participant with a pleasant memory of their sojourn.

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The school courses will be held at the hotel El Faro, located near Alghero in the magnificent Tramariglio bay.

El Faro Hotel, a luxurious, intimate and elegant residence by the illustrious Sardinian architect Antonio Simon Mossa, stands in the wonderful scene of Baia delle Ninfe (the Nymph Bay), immersed in the surrounding nature. It is sheltered from the northwest wind thanks to Monte Timidone and from the northeast winds by Monte Doglia. It faces south-west and is exposed to the sun from morning to sunset. Designed over the idea of a boat anchored at sea, it has an equipped marina area, seawater swimming pools, spa services and WI-FI zones. It is only 10 minutes away from Alghero and the airport Alghero-Fertilia. Getting there:Regular bus and hotel shuttle to/from the town center. Alghero Fertilia Airport (Aho) 10 min. Olbia (SS 199) Cagliari (SS131) towards Sassari. From Sassari to Alghero Ss 291. From the center of Alghero or the Airoport continue towords Ferilia > at the traffic light (Ss127 bis) continue towards Capo Caccia-Porto Conte > 5 km further at the intersection turn left until Torre di Porto Conte.




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