The School Course 

This school follows the successful track of the International Summer Schools on Biometrics held since 2003. In this 20th edition, the lectures will focus on the lessons learned over the past 20 years, and on new and emerging issues, addressing several research and application-oriented questions:

  1. What did we learn after 20 years?
  2. The impact of AI and advanced learning techniques in Biometrics.
  3. How to develop "Deep Biometric" systems explainable.
  4. How to exploit new biometric technologies in forensic and emerging applications.
  5. How to develop fair, unbiased and ethical biometric systems.
  6. Where are we going now?

The school lectures will cover all main aspects of advanced biometric technologies, including a view of several modalities and integration strategies:

  • Gait and posture.
  • Fingerprints;
  • Human face;
  • Iris and periocular;
  • Soft biometrics;
  • Speech.

The lectures will also cover the most actual issues in the application of biometric technologies, including:

  • Bias in biometric systems;
  • Biometric challenges and competitions;
  • Collection and management of large scale datasets;
  • Detection and resolution of morphing attacks;
  • Ethical, legal and social aspects;
  • Evaluation and assessment strategies;
  • Forensic applications;
  • Large scale deployment for civil applications;
  • Security and data protection.

Some lectures will be devoted to multidisciplinary subjects, allowing to better understand basic and side issues in the development of biometric systems, including:

  • Commonalities of deep CNNs and neural architectures;
  • Explainable AI;
  • Federated learning;
  • Machine learning (deep and shallow);
  • Neural systems for perception;
  • Structure and functionality of biological neural architectures.

The classes will be held during the week in two sessions (morning and afternoon) with a coffee break in the middle of each session. The course timings will be arranged to allow some leisure and free time for the students to take advantage of the beautiful environment.

A special session will be held to allow the students to present their recent research outcomes related to biometrics.

All participating Phd students and Post-docs are warmly invited to discuss a focused research project with one of the lecturer to be jointly developed.




Technical Committee on Biometrics (TC4)




European Association for Signal Processing








EAB European Association for Biometrics




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