Dr. Takashi Shinzaki

Takashi Shinzaki is a Research Fellow within the research Centre for Image Processing and Biometric Technologies for Fujitsu Laboratories in Japan and leads a team of researchers responsible for researching existing and emerging biometrics technologies. Takashi Shinzaki has been involved in cutting edge R&D with a central focus on biometrics technologies including fingerprint authentication and palm vein authentication, its application systems and services. Takashi Shinzaki has over 20 years experience in Biometrics research and development including extensive involvement with international standards development. Takashi Shinzaki is a member of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 (Cards and Personal Identification) WG4 (Machine Readable Travel Documents), SC27 (IT Security Techniques) WG5 (Identity management and privacy technologies) and SC37 (Biometrics). Takashi Shinzaki is also the member of the Japanese mirror group to SC37, the convenor of the Japanese mirror group to SC37 WG3 (Biometric data interchange formats) and a member of the Special Committee for Research on IC Passports WG2 (Biometrics) for the Japanese government.

With over 20 years of experience within the field of biometrics research Takashi Shinzaki has 70 patent applications as a first list inventor in a number of biometric modalities and fields. Takashi Shinzaki is the editor or co-editor for a number of current and emerging international Biometrics standards. Takashi Shinzaki has collaborative development experience with global companies including being part of teams to develop the world’s first biometric authentication appliance server, Secure Login Box, the world’s first mass produced biometric enabled mobile phone and the world’s first PC card type fingerprint sensor which has PCMCIA interface.

  • Expert in the fields of biometrics technologies, sensors, algorithms, systems and standards
  • Convener of Japan Standards Committee SC37/WG3 (Biometric data interchange formats)
  • Japanese Expert to ISO Standards Committees:
  • Biometrics (SC37); Cards and Personal Identification(SC17/WG4); IT Security techniques (SC27/WG5 Identity management and privacy technologies)
  • ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 Project Editor
  • ISO/IEC 19794-8 Editor (and Amendment 1 Editor)
  • ISO/IEC 29109-8 Editor
  • ISO/IEC 30107 Co-editor
  • Member of Special Committee for Research on IC Passports (Japan) - Working Group 2 - Biometrics




Technical Committee on Biometrics (TC4)




European Association for Signal Processing




EAB European Association for Biometrics




University of Sassari