Prof. Mark Nixon

I'm the Professor in Computer Vision in the ISIS research group at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science. My research interests are in image processing and computer vision. I have helped to develop new techniques for static and moving shape extraction (both parametric and non-parametric) which have found application in automatic face and automatic gait recognition and in medical image analysis. Amongst previous research contracts, I was Principal Investigator in Southampton's part of the Fuzzy Land Information from Environmental Remote Sensing (FLIERS) project. and I was Principal Investigator with John Carter on the DARPA supported project Automatic Gait Recognition for Human ID at a Distance. Currently, we're on General Dynamics Defence Technology Centre's program on data fusion (biometrics, naturally). Surprisingly perhaps, I was labelled as a star Computer Scientist in a recent review.

I chaired the 9th British Machine Vision Conference BMVC'98 held at Southampton in September '98 (an issue of Image and Vision Computing containing some of the most highly rated conference papers was published as Volume 18 Number 9). The BMVC'98 Electronic Conference Proceedings remain online via the British Machine Vision Association I and Josef Kittler co-chaired the IAPR International Conference Audio Visual Biometric Person Authentication (AVBPA 2003) at Surrey. I was Publications Chair for the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2004) at Cambridge UK. With Josef Kittler, I'll be chairing IEEE 7th International Conference on Face and Gesture Recognition FG2006 at Southampton 2006.

Our vision book, co-written with Dr. Alberto Aguado from the University of Surrey, entitled Feature Extraction and Image Processing was published in Jan. 2002 by Butterworth Heinmann/ Newnes, now Elsevier. It's been reprinted yet again, and will be back in the shops soon. With Tieniu Tan and Rama Chellappa, we've just finished a new book Human ID based on Gait which is actually due out Feb 2006, but we have copies now.

Professor Mark Nixon
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